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Deeper into the bowls of the Gothic Customs Web Site...

Soon i hope to have such things like a web forum, news letter, updates section, coming soon, etc. It will HOPEFULY be a very nice lay out and VERY user friendly. Thats my number one issue on why its taking me so long to do this, to make it very user friendly. So please bare with me on this one.

Also, the updates page will be kept up on what new updates i have done to the site. So if you arent sure what ive done (coz some links are dead) and you want to know if ive updated it lately, click on the updates link and it will let you know whats goin on. Thanks.

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If you would like to be informed on updates to my website and information related to the subject, and join the Gothic Customs Mailing List, send me an email.

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Now... If you wish to send me an email and let me know what you think about the site so far, input on what you think i should do, what i need, what you dont like, etc... you can email me with THIS link.

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